How to renew your MINI5280 membership in 2019 on MSR

To renew your existing MINI5280 members, payment of annual dues through (MSR) is required, but you do not need to create a new MSR account if you already have one.

Please note:

  • Having an MSR username and password (free) does not mean that you are automatically a member of MINI5280 or any other organization.
  • MINI5280 does not use MSR “member numbers” for membership records. Those numbers are commonly used by track racing events for car numbering.
  • MSR users may belong to multiple clubs throughout the country for the purposes of receiving email about their events and activities.
  • If you already have a MSR account, you do not (and should not) create a new one.

If you are a dues-paying member of MINI5280, here is how to renew your membership:

  1. Sign in to your account (username and password), here: Click Sign In (upper right).
  2. Once signed in to MSR, search for “MINI5280 Membership 2019-2020” or click here
  3. Click the green Continue button at the bottom of the MINI5280 Membership page.
  4. Click the green Continue button (again) at the bottom of the page (Event Requirements).
  5. Next to your profile, click the red Register now button.
  6. Select the membership option: I am renewing my membership, read the Event Waiver, MSR terms and click the red Continue button.
  7. Follow the remaining instructions to pay the membership fee to, which is processed through MSR.
  8. A MINI5280 officer will receive your membership request and dues and contact you via email once processing is complete

If you have any questions about your MINI5280 membership or MSR, please contact us.