MINI5280 is The Motoring Society of the Rocky Mountain Region

We collect dues annually, requiring only one registration per household. Dues pay for expenses related to operating the club including insurance, fees, website, door prizes, and food and drink for meetings and other activities. While MINI5280 hosts many events that don’t require any club funds, we do present a nationally recognized event MINIs In the Mountains (MITM) which draws an average of 350 MINIs and 500-800 participants.

Rising operating costs coupled with a 13+ year-old membership fee have depressed our bank account and as we anticipate future MITM events, we’re looking to augment our treasury so that we can provide a spectacular event for everyone to enjoy.

Please consider making a donation to help keep this club that we all love so much fueled and steering ahead. Click the PayPal link below to make a donation. Thank you for being an integral part of this awesome group!

Note that PayPal accepts any debit or credit card or your PayPal account.
MINI5280 is a 501c3 organization and any donation you contribute is tax-deductible.
Our Tax ID is 46-0509890.